Hot Guy Gets Completely Naked At Airport Security, No One Seems To Care

Hot Guy Gets Completely Naked At Airport Security, No One Seems To Care

Air travel sucks. Between the lines and the people and the ever-changing security restrictions, flying can be pretty infuriating. While I’ve become pretty decent at traveling and therefore know things like which bottle of shampoo can be carried on and which one must be checked, which pair of earrings will cause the full body scanner to lose its shit and which pair will not, and which words and physical movements will land you in a detention center and which will land you safely in your seat, apparently not everyone walks into the airport with the intent of creating as little fuss as possible.

As evident in the following video, one guy had reached his breaking point with air travel. And, so, after being asked to remove his belt by the airport security of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, the unidentified man said to himself “no more” (but, you know, in Russian) and then proceeded to get completely naked.

Perhaps the greatest part about this whole video is that no one even bats an eyelash at his ridiculous stunt. Seriously. Not even one person looks around and seems to be thinking “what the fuck is this guy doing?” Instead, they just let him go about his business and stand by while he undresses, goes through security, and then redresses. Let’s for a second just imagine if this dude pulled that in America? He’d be tazed and peeing himself in .03 seconds, easy. Now THAT would be a good YouTube video. Until then, the naked Russian man will have to suffice.

[via My Fox Detroit]

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