Hot Frat Guy Hilariously Parodies “The Office” To Run For Student Body President

Office Parody

There are three things most females look for in a mate: a sense of humor, some sort of power, and looks that will make your panties drop to the ground. One frat guy, Wilson Sink, seems to have the whole package. The Chi Psi fraternity member from UNC Chapel Hill is running for student body president and if he doesn’t win I no longer respect that school.

Not only does he have the looks, and he’s working hard towards the power. But the humor? Just wait until you see what he did to lure us little folks in.

In the best political strategy ever, Wilson pulled a total power move, and decided to just take the “W” for himself. In an effort to campaign, he made a parody of “The Office” and it. is. everything. The characters are on point, the dialogue is fantastic, and Jim and Pam are just as cute in this version as they are in the real one. Behold:

This is how you run for a position in college. With a video that says absolutely nothing about what you’re trying to accomplish, but parodies the best televion show in the world. More of this everyone. And “W”? If you want to throw a few more episodes my way, I’ll watch the hotter Michael Scott all day every day.

Video courtesy of Wilson for SBP

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