Hot Cop Mistaken For Stripper By A Mob Of Crazy Middle-Aged Drunk Women

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For some reason, every woman in existence can attest to the fact that guys in uniform are almost always hot. Whether they’re campus athletes, military men, or Channing Tatum rocking a janitor suit in Step Up, there’s just something about outfitted conformity that makes girls of all ages go crazy– especially middle-aged drunk women, apparently.

Mike Ober, a police officer in his mid 20s, accidentally found himself wandering into a woman’s 50th birthday party this past Saturday. The second he entered the room, the boozed-up ladies went absolutely apeshit. Why? They mistook him for a stripper, of course.

To be fair, what cop just wanders into a party venue full of obviously legal partiers? It probably didn’t help that his name was Mike, or that he was ridiculously good looking. This was bound to happen at least once during his career. I mean, who hasn’t bothered a hot street officer to join a picture once or twice? They’re half as scary and twice as hot when you’re totally hammered.

Ober, scared shitless by the hormonally-imbalanced mothers, “had to beat a hasty retreat” out of the room. He told BBC that he found the mix-up to be quite flattering. I’ll say. I’d love to be mistaken for a stripper or a high-class hooker every once and a while. It’s the little things in life, ya know?

via BBC]

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