Homeless Violinist Has His Insturment Stolen, Generous Community Replaces It With A Brand New One


I like to think I’m a giving human being. I do the majority of my philanthropy hours and give hella mind-blowing blow jobs. But when it comes to helping the homeless, I definitely need to step up my game. I usually refuse to give even five cents to the begging man at my Jeep window. I know he’s there with his puppy eyes, but I always seem to convince myself someone else will help him. So I’ll take one last quick glance at him, press the gas pedal, and feel guilty within the next two seconds. We all do it.

Mark Landry, a beloved homeless man, awoke Tuesday morning to find one of his favorite of his few possessions, his violin, was stolen. Landry is a local Montreal celebrity known for his violin performances in Metro stations and has had a passion for playing since he was a teenager.

Some asswipe actually went so low as to steal a violin from a homeless man, as if he isn’t already dealing with enough in his life. Landry announced to the public about his loss with a sign that read, “Violin stolen.”

A photo of the heartbroken man holding the sign went viral on social media, which eventually reached L’Orchestra Métropolitian, a Montreal orchestra. The orchestra’s CEO, Jean Dupré, told the Washington Post, “We said, ‘Oh my God, this poor man lost his only way of communicating his passion to others.”

The orchestra was so touched by Landry’s story (because duh, who isn’t) that they reached out to Francis Lapointe, owner of a local violin shop. Lapointe said that he as well wanted to help “put music back into his life.” Lapointe then offered to sell a new violin, case, and bow to the orchestra so they can give it to Landry.

When Dupré presented Landry with the new violin, he began playing for his fans immediately. He told Dupré, “I talked to God this morning and said I cannot live without my violin.” Awwww.

Play on brotha, and fuck the haters. Karma is going to be a bitch to the shithead who stole his violin.

[via Huffington Post]

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