Hilarious Woman Recreates Famous Celebrity Instagrams To Prove Just How Stupid They Look

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I’m not exactly what one would call “sexy,” or “breathtaking,” or “decent” when it comes to the looks department. I’m the girl that guys would refer to as “the girl with the good personality.” That is, if I had a good personality. Which I don’t. But maybe I am just too hard on myself, but why would my self-esteem be so low? Maybe it is because I cyber stalk the world’s most beautiful people in a fit of obsession and self-loathing. You know, like a psycho.

But the truth is we all do it. We all obsess over the perfection that is Kendall Jenner, or cry over Taylor Swift just casually holding all of her Grammy’s. These pictures exist for one reason and one reason only: to make us feel bad about ourselves. Think about it, you don’t spend hours taking the perfect picture, FaceTuning the shit out of it, and waiting for the optimal time to post it because you simply like the picture. If that were the case, we wouldn’t force our friends to like our pictures and delete them when the heart count is unsatisfactory. We do it to prove to our ex’s and frenemies that our lives are just, like, soooo much better than theirs. Even though every single one of use are just on the couch watching Netflix and guzzling starbs. Same with celebrities. But instead of showing off to a few hundred classmates, they’re showing off to millions of followers. Casually.

Frankly, I am sick of it. It’s time to take a stand. I mean, have you any of you actually take the time to really look at those famous pics? Because honestly, they’re fucking ridiculous. And thankfully, a new hero among us has taken it upon herself to demonstrate just how unachievable and fake it is to be Insta famous.

A woman named Celeste Barber has an Instagram dedicated to highlighting the bullshit that is the staged Instagram pictures, and the results are hysterical.

'Everybody's looking at my tight pants'. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #amberrose #jimmyfallon #tightpabts

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The basic workout attire. Thanks @Nike for NOTHING. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #nike #kyliejenner

A photo posted by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

Hygiene is big business. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #parishilton

A photo posted by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

Sexy whiplash #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #mirandakerr

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Ah, the pressures of school drop off. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #victoriasecret

A photo posted by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

Amazing. Sometimes it really is hard to realize how fake these photos are. Anyone who has ever attempted to be sexy knows this. Personally, it takes me at least a dozen tries to get a semi-decent selfie to send via Snapchat, let alone Instagram. These people are the top one percent of the most beautiful people in the world, that much is obvious. But clearly, even for them, this level of perfection is not easily obtained. There is no such thing as effortlessly sexy or casually cool. And luckily, every now and again we get an angel like Celeste to help remind us of that.

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