Here’s Where All Of Our Rich, Potential Husbands Go To School In Each State

Back in the day, women went to college to get their MRS degrees. Their university classes were used for scouting out guys, flirting with TAs and getting a ring by senior year spring. Nowadays, things are different. We go to class to learn, we get degrees to get jobs, and we strive to secure the best positions with the best pay.

That being said, we’re not opposed to finding the perfect ring man while we’re at it. For those of us who want to graduate with a job and a save-the-date, we need to know our odds. We need to know how to do it. We need to know where to look. Luckily Business Insider released a list that answers all of our love questions. Important things like, where does he go to school, how much money does he have, and will he land a job with a solid 401(k) after graduation?

Okay. The list doesn’t actually answer that. But it does list the most expensive school in each and every state. And where there is money, there are potential husbands. Sure sure, they say money can’t buy you love. But well, they were wrong.

From Business Insider:


And to break it down even better, here’s a little map to help you plan your education/husband goals.


Looks like I’ll be heading to California’s Harvey Mudd College to find my man this summer. If he can afford a $67,255 tuition, I have a feeling he can afford my Tiffany’s princess cut.

[via Business Insider]

Images via Business Insider

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