Here’s What The Industry Thought Was “Too Big” On This Very Thin Model

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We all know you have to be thin to be a model. This is not shocking news. I’m not gonna write a whiney rant piece about how the fashion industry called a size four woman too big, because let’s face it, you need to be a size two or less to be a model. While we are making small strides to make average sized models the norm, for now, in high fashion they prefer thin girls. Blame Anna Wintour, blame Karl Lagerfeld, blame Victoria’s Secret, blame whoever you want, but that’s just the way it is for now.

However, when Swedish model Agnes Hedengård (and “Sweden’s Next Top Model” cycle 7 second runner up) was deemed “too big” to be working as a model, I feel outrage is necessary. First off, just look at her, she is GORGEOUS. If Claudia Schiffer and Candice Swanepoel had a love child, it would be this girl. So basically, a model agency’s dream.

A photo posted by Agnes Hedengård (@hedengard) on

A photo posted by Agnes Hedengård (@hedengard) on

A photo posted by Agnes Hedengård (@hedengard) on

So what exactly is the issue here? Agnes posted this video to speak out about the issue, since she doesn’t quite see the issue at hand either.

The problem exactly? They claim her hips are too wide and she has a little too much junk in the trunk. Um, okay. In what actual world?

A photo posted by Agnes Hedengård (@hedengard) on

I have to give Agnes props. It must be incredibly hard after hearing criticism like that not to get a complex, or develop a plethora a psychological issues. Somehow she remains strong, confident, and resilient. Keep fighting the fight, girl.

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