Here’s What A Glamorous Day In The Life Of A Victoria’s Secret Model Looks Like

Here's What A Glamorous Day In The Life Of A Victoria's Secret Model Looks Like

Karlie Kloss is many things. She’s Taylor Swift’s bestie, a real life Anthropologie catalog, a pastry chef (wtf?), and oh yeah, a Victoria’s Secret model. In an effort to seem more down to earth, Karlie has given us an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a Victoria’s Secret model, scratch that, “angel.” Let’s just say: it’s soooo relatable!!!

Day One

5 AM: Karlie begins her day by skipping out on things us peasants have to deal with like airport security, and wondering which smelly old businessman we’ll be seated next to as she boards the “Angel Plane” to London. All the girlies snap a perfect “jet life!” pic for Instagram with their perfectly tousled bed-head waves, which they probably don’t use a curling iron to achieve.

7 AM: The models arrive in London to begin dress rehearsal. Some of the girls even go onstage to do lip sync and mark through Taylor’s “Shake It Off” performance since she has not graced them with her presence yet. OMG, they’re just so silly!

8 PM: Karlie goofs off with her makeup artist as she appears to just be patting her face with a makeup-less brush on the limo ride to the British Fashion Awards. You don’t need to contour when you have actual cheek bone structure, duh. She gracefully walks the red carpet as she waves to the little people.

12AM: An exhausted Karlie returns to her hotel in sweats, because she’s just like us, and is probably about to plop down and catch up on “Orange Is The New Black.” Jk she hits the gym for a late night work out with a personal trainer, then finishes her night with an exfoliating face mask.

Day Two:

5 PM: The models all get their hair, makeup, and nails done as they sit and refresh Instagram. Karlie, off-camera, even says she “shoves cookies” in her mouth! She’s so bad.

6:30 PM: The girls all huddle together for a pre-show pep talk. After the hottest women alive get their confidence boost, they’re runway ready.

7 PM: Showtime! The Angels strut down the runway. It’s like looking in a mirror!

Definitely not bitter.

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