Here’s The Major Keys DJ Khaled Gave To Help Jeb Bush

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I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m not as informed on the presidential race as I probably should be. What I am informed in, however, is pop culture. Sue me. So you better believe I’m following DJ Khaled and all of his antics on Snapchat. I remember when I watched with bated breath as I thought we would lose him forever when he got lost at sea on his jet ski. Riveting stuff.

So while I do know more about DJ Khaled than your average gal, I know literally two things about Jeb Bush. I know he’s related to George Bush, and that he has poor taste in marketing teams (Seriously “Jeb!” is that best you got? C’mon). According to my five minutes of Google researching, Jeb is not doing so hot in the polls right now. Who better to lift good ‘ol Jeb(!)’s spirits than the man with all the keys to success.

So DJ Khaled teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel Live to help Jeb. Bless up.

What they don’t want Jeb Bush to do:

  • They don’t want him to win.
  • They don’t want him to have breakfast. A healthy breakfast of fruit and green apples.
  • Don’t let them water his plants for him.
  • Don’t play himself.
  • Don’t play basketball.

The major keys to Jeb’s presidential success:

  • The key is apples.
  • The key is to believe in yourself.
  • The key is sneakers.
  • The key to success is hammock talk.
  • The key is cocoa butter.

Somewhere out there Jeb Bush is scratching his head in confusion pretending he gets the joke.

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