Here’s The Horniest College In The Country

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College kids are notoriously promiscuous, and for good reason. Between rounds of impossible homework assignments, “required” readings, and all-nighters followed by borderline traumatic exams, it’s important to make room for sexy time to ease the tension and get your mind off your ever growing work load. You won’t be thinking about chemistry when your neighbor is taking you to pound town. Everyone knows that.

OkCupid took the time to rank the rank the country’s top schools by their attractiveness, partying, and sex drive. The overall winner was Yale, because apparently they are incapable of leaving any first place awards for the rest of us little people.

OkCupid found that not only are Yale students 8.9 percent more attractive than the average college student, but that 44 percent of them masturbate daily and 57 percent of them claim their sex drive is higher than average. Huh. Interesting.

I guess this is plausible. If sex is a great solution to studying, then it would make sense that the kids who spend the most time with their nose in dusty textbooks would want to hit the sheets the hardest. I would imagine that the average Yale student spends their mornings hiding boners under their classroom desks, their afternoons sucking some serious professor dick in order to get that A++, and their nights humping the closest thing they can find with a pulse and an IQ higher than 140.

Congrats, Yale. Perhaps you should celebrate with a campus-wide orgy, you horny sons of bitches.

[via OkCupid]

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