Here’s The Debut Of Madonna’s New Music Video With Kanye, Beyonce, Miley, And More


Madonna released her video for “Bitch I’m Madonna” today, and I’m very torn about it. The “Queen of Pop” who friendly reminder is 56, is giving us very “We Can’t Stop” vibes in this latest video. While she put the video exclusively (LOL) on Tidal, it’s found its way to various other websites. Does anyone even have Tidal, really?

The video starts out innocently enough with a group of sassy little girls donning her iconic ’80s look. Then before you know it, its gets very um, Madonna-y. The mom of four wears a leopard mini dress, studded pink leather jacket, and has her hair in a pink ombre. It screams “I’m trying really hard to be young and trendy”, which makes me immediately cringe. She’s old enough to get the senior discount, I mean come on. I can’t exactly imagine my grandma saying, “Bitch, I’m Marjorie.”

After parading around a weird penthouse-meets-frat-house party where two Asian girls dance in a bathtub wearing pasties, it starts to get good. First we spot Diplo, then the parade of celebrities begin and ultimately save the video. The full roster is Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Ken Jeong Alexander Wang, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Diplo, Katy Perry, and Kanye. The never fail musical formula which is a bass-y EDM track + a Nicki Minaj verse has won once again, and darn it, I love it.

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