Here’s Scientific Proof That Men Are Big Fat Liars

Here's Scientific Proof That Men Are Big Fat Liars

If we’re honest about dishonesty, we would all have to admit that we lie on occasion. A few weeks ago, I even opened a piece by saying that “Little white lies are the basis of civilization as we know it.” Everyone does it, but if someone asked me the question “Who lies more – girls or guys?” I’m not sure I would know how to answer.

In girl world, the lies range from the Regina George-style “I love your skirt” to “size doesn’t matter, it’s all about what you do with it.” While in guy land, it came be about anything from how much weight he can bench press to whether that girl in his snap story is really just a friend. So my non-scientific analysis would say the genders are probably about even when it comes to lying. But science just proved me wrong.

According to new research from Statistic Brain, only 12% of adults admit to “telling lies ‘sometimes’ or ‘often’.” While I call bullshit on that, the interesting part comes in when we look at the breakdown of lying by gender; it was shown that men lie way more than women – twice as much, to be specific. When study respondents were asked about the number of lies per day they tell to their partner, boss, or colleagues, the average response from women was three, while the average response from men was six. So that nagging suspicion you always have about your man lying to you? Probably legit…at least half the time.

Additionally, 60% of people copped to lying at least once during a 10-minute conversation, which explains so much about every single date I’ve had in the last three months. The bottom line? Trust no bitch.

[via Glamour]

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