Here’s How To Have The Most Envy-Worthy Spring Break


Every spring break, college students everywhere are faced with a dilemma. How can I have more fun than everyone else? Sure, you could go to some grimy beach that’s in driving distance, get bloated on cheap beer, and “party” at whichever small local bar is available, but you and I both know that sounds beyond boring and overdone. What is this?! Freshman year? As Beyoncé once said, “let me upgrade you.”

Buh-bye, dirty beach. Sayonara, cheap beer. Adios, local bar with judgmental bartender!!! Now you can live the life of luxury and have that Project X level spring break you only thought existed in cliché college movies. We’ve partnered up with StudentCity to bring you a Spring. Break. Cruise. The Inception At Sea Cruise is everything you could want and more. And lucky for you, from right now until Thursday, January 14 (that’s this Thursday!) you can save $280 a person when you sign up! Why would you want to miss this flash sale? That’s like, seven more bikinis you could buy! You can’t argue that logic.

The cruise takes you from Miami to the Bahamas where you’ll get access to two private parties. And to make you feel more at home, the trip will include four themed parties. A themed party with 2400 people? Sign me up. This all-inclusive cruise means you can have all the fruity drinks your heart desires, and better yet, food for your inevitable drunchies. And the more people you bring, the more perks you get. Bring the whole pledge class! That means you could get two bottle service events and limo service.


Oh did I forget to mention it’s also a festival?! The lineup includes 30 DJs and artists like Bassjackers, Cash Cash, Cazzette, The Chainsmokers, Lil Dicky, and Tyga. Yeah, you could be taking selfies while jamming out to Selfie.

Or you could be channeling your inner-Kylie while rapping along to Rack City.

Dirty beach or all-inclusive party cruise with a music festival? The choice is yours.

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