Here’s How Posting A Photo Can Get Your Philanthropy $5000

We're Looking For The Top Chapter In The Nation, And It Could Be Yours

You know what you never say no to? Free stuff. Whether it’s free samples at Costco, or a free mini hand sanitizer at Bath and Body Works, you take what you can get for free and you run with it. But you know what you especially never say no to?

$5,000 for free.

Got your attention? You can look like the sorority Mother Theresa of the year, and land your chapter $5,000 for your philanthropy. And what do you have to do to get your hands on the check? Post pictures using the Yeti app. Let’s be honest, you’re probably posting pictures on the daily for free anyway.

Along with that sweet prize, your chapter will also be named “TSM’s Official Sorority Of 2015,” get a column dedicated to your chapter, and a ton of free merch. You can read more on those details here.

But get to it! You’ve only got two more weeks! Here’s some of the contenders so far:

Florida State

South Carolina


Midwestern State University

Okay, maybe not that last one, but we see your strategy, sir.

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