Here’s Baby Kanye Busting His First Rhyme


Kanye West, even as a wee little one, has apparently had a talent for busting rhymes. Kim K posted a link to a YouTube video of her husband in middle school, 25 years ago, performing a poem honoring Martin Luther King Jr. many decades ago.

His poem, “A Man Whose Name Means Love,” along with his delivery, is pretty damn good for a little kid.

A man who fought for freedom
A man who fought for equality
Those who were against him
Were too blind to see
What this man was fighting for
So blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Asians
Could put their foot in their door

Yes, we know this man is great
That’s why today we celebrate
And everyone lifts their voice and sings
For a man who wanted freedom to ring

Martin Luther King is who I’m speaking of
A man whose name means love

Oh, sweet baby Yeezus. This is so cute it hurts. And dare I say it, his speaking skills might have been even better back in the day than they are now (re: his presidential announcement speech at the VMAs). I feel so good about this.

Image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock

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Veronica Ruckh

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