Here’s An Uncomfortable Video Of Shia LaBeouf Rapping About Mashed Potatoes

Here's An Uncomfortable Video Of Shia LaBeouf Rapping About Mashed Potatoes

I kind of like Shia LaBeouf. I know that he’s totally weird, that he probably smells funny, and that no one can spell his last name without looking it up, but I kind of like him anyway. Probably because he’s really hot, and girls are willing to overlook just about anything if a guy is hot. Plus, the weirdness shouldn’t come as shocking any more — you should just expect him to do bizarre shit, and appreciate that you were entertained by it, whether you were laughing with him or at him.

Take this rap for example. We have a shirtless (praise be to God) Shia who seems to have recently grown out a rat’s tail, covered in sweat and filth, surrounded by a crowd who seems to very clearly be making fun of him, rapping about rapping. It’s rap-ception, you guys. He just needs a verb, or a werrd, or an adjective. It only gets better (and more pointless) as he trudges on.

Making potatoes like Galileo, and eating tuna casserole! That is lyrical genius. And it continues. He only messes up once, and gets just as embarrassed as you do when you sing “I meant to D” instead of “I’m in too deep” along to Britney Spears’ crazy. Just me? Okay.

Oh Shia. Less talking, more standing around hot and naked.

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