Here’s Amy Schumer Being A Total Badass And Shutting Down All Of Her Haters On Twitter

Amy Schumer

Being a woman in today’s society is uplifting, ego boosting, and “fair.” Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is special. Everyone is the fucking best. Except, you know, when they’re not. One of the things I love so much about comedy is laughing at the things that upset people. Going out of your comfort zone. Making people realize that it’s not only okay to laugh at yourself, but it’s okay not to be perfect.

Amy Schumer is the prime example of that.

She’s smart, sassy, and jokes about things that other people are afraid of. She doesn’t care that our generation is devoted to being offended. She doesn’t care that society has made some (read: basically all) topics off-limits. She isn’t afraid to joke about race, religion, or how it feels to not be a “10.” Best of all, she isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers to defend herself.

Amy recently sent out the most perfect message via Twitter in response to some people claiming that she has a “blind spot for racism.”

But it’s more than that. Amy spent the time to respond to individual commenters asking how, exactly, she offended them. For the most part, they didn’t really have valid answers, because LOL at being offended on social media. Despite some people not getting her jokes, it takes courage to make fun of things that other people are too afraid to. It takes courage to confront the people slandering you. Most of all, it takes courage to stand up for yourself, for your passions, and for what you’ve done. Bravo, Amy. You’re a fucking champ.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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