Here’s A Video Of Malia Obama Smoking ~Something~ At Lolla

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I was never really into Obama’s politics, but I could rave about the first family all day long. They’re always so well presented, they’re one of the only families of their status to avoid a major public scandal, and they’re just a really gorgeous group. I love seeing them all polished at major events, and I love seeing them returning from travel looking tired and annoyed. I’m really going to miss them, and whatever moron takes office after them will have a tough time comparing to all the grace they’ve brought into the White House.

Malia Obama, the oldest of the two first daughters, is known for frequenting concerts and music festivals just like the rest of us (jk, we’re all too broke). The 18-year-old recently returned from Lollapalooza, where she was caught smoking something on the following video:

More like Malia O’Ganja, amirite?

People are debating whether it’s a cigarette or a joint, and the internet sticklers putting her under fire for it, whatever it is. Honestly, I’m praying it’s a joint. People need to realize that she’s a teenager, and she’s just trying to have some fun before she sells her soul to an Ivy League college for the next four years. Not to mention, it’s pretty common knowledge that Obama smoked pot in his youth. Like super successful father, like super successful daughter?

A supposed eyewitness told the New York Post that it was for sure weed, but I call BS on anyone who wants to nark on a girl whose father runs the country. This “witness” is either a rat, or some dick that wanted his minute of (not even) fame. Homegirl has been under a spotlight for the past two presidential terms; are we really going to further chastise her for something that pretty much every teenager does on a regular basis?

I’m just hoping Malia had a bomb ass time at that concert, and that she continues to have fun despite politically correct assholes who feel the need to persecute her for being a kid. I still support you, Malia. Bid.

[via Elite Daily]

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