Here’s A New Feminine Product That Looks Like A Hockey Puck, For Some Reason

Period Sex

Oh, period sex. Some people claim it’s amazing, others claim it’s nasty. Personally, I err on the side of disgusted, but that’s just because I can’t think of anything less sexually appealing than having a dick forcefully shoved inside me while I hemorrhage out my uterus. But hey, to each their own.

So, some tech geniuses out in San Francisco decided that they either A) weren’t getting laid enough or B) couldn’t be bothered to throw down a towel, so they invented an alternative tampon. Because apparently that’s the type of thing you do when your girlfriend says she isn’t in the mood because she’s on her period. And yes, you can have sex with it in.

According to the website, the “FLEX’s flexible, disc-like shape contours to the female body, and is virtually undetectable by her or her partner. FLEX works by creating a soft barrier to the cervix, temporarily blocking the flow of menstruation, and is disposed after each use. Basically, it’s like a tampon, but instead of absorbing the blood, it just blocks the flow like a beaver’s dam.

The FLEX is also shaped like a hockey puck, which is something I have never once considered shoving into my lady dungeon. However, it can be worn for up to 12 hours and help eliminates the risk of getting Toxic Shock. I don’t know how I feel about having twelve hours worth of blood pooling inside of me, but I do like the idea of not risking Toxic Shock.

The product hasn’t hit the market quite yet, but you can request a free sample. They are also taking pre-orders and are hoping to make a full launch by September 2016. So retire the headache excuse and start milking your red river for all that it’s worth, because come this fall, it will no longer be valid.


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