Here Are The Top 23 Schools That Completely Slayed Rush Week


For some of us, recruitment is still on the horizon. We still have to practice our chants, greet early mornings with heels and smiles, and get ready to welcome tons of new girls into our sisterhood. For some lucky chapters, however, recruitment has come and gone. You did your time. You had your Bid Day. And now you’re knee deep in “little” battles and making sure you have sisters in every one of your classes.

That being said, recruitment is still fresh on our minds. With our feet still aching and our Instagrams still filled with “so glad ______ ran home to me” pictures, we’re not quite over the madness. Tilt, an app that Greeks across the nation are using, decided to dig a little deeper. They wanted to see who, exactly, had the best sorority recruitment. How could they tell? By the schools who spent the most money, obviously.

Basically, the app is used so people can send money to each other (like Venmo, but better), and tons of chapters are using it for getting group outfits, philanthropy materials, fanny packs, whatever. Turns out, close to 8,000 “Tilts” were used this past week in preparation for all of the PNMs. While the average amount of money each member contributed to recruitment was $120, some schools went above. Like, way above.

Below are the schools that spent the most in their search for new sisters. I mean, how else can you tell if your Bid Day was successful unless everyone spent an absurd amount of money on gold headbands and distressed jean shorts?

Top Rush Schools
Image via Tilt

  1. Florida State University
  2. UT – Austin
  3. Louisiana State University
  4. Texas Tech University
  5. University of Mississippi
  6. Arizona State University
  7. University of Georgia
  8. University of Arizona
  9. Auburn University
  10. UW – Madison
  11. University of Southern California
  12. UNC – Chapel Hill
  13. UCLA
  14. University of Oklahoma
  15. University of Florida
  16. West Virginia University
  17. UM – College Park
  18. Pennsylvania State University
  19. University of East Carolina
  20. Miami University – Ohio
  21. University of South Carolina
  22. University of Tennessee
  23. Texas Christian University

And to all of the schools still awaiting their new members, may the recruitment odds be ever in your favor.

[via Tilt]

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