Here Are Netflix’s Top 6 Hidden Gems That You Need To Watch — Like, Right Now


What do frat boys, burritos, and Netflix all have in common? Answer: There is more to them than what initially meets the eye. To find the good stuff, you have to dig, and I mean really, really dig. Like most of you, I often find myself lazily browsing Netflix when the nights are long and my boyfriend is busy studying doing whatever weird shit he does with his free time. More often than not, I’ll go for the obvious basics: Law and Order: SVU, Friends, Gossip Girl, etc. But every once in a while, I’ll find an overlooked gem that is severely underrated and needs more appreciation. Therefore, I present to you the following six hidden gems that Netflix has to offer.

1. Reign

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If Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl had a baby, it would be Reign. It’s supposed to be a historical account of Mary, Queen of Scots, but it’s highly fictionalized because its target audience is easily distracted and probably drunk. It’s basically like a sixteenth century Pretty Little Liars with enough sex scenes to make you want to strap on a corset and fake an English accent. People die, people bone, and people wear shiny things. It’s bonerific.

2. Girl Most Likely

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This movie is seriously underrated. Kristin Wiig is the perfect amount of awkward and awesome. She plays Imogen, a New York playwright who is in the midst of an awkward life crisis that sends her back to her childhood home at the Jersey Shore. You’ll end up rooting for her even though you’ll feel a strong urge to force a Xanax and some scotch down her shrill, paranoid throat. It also stars Darren Criss, who is apparently very straight, and also very sexy.

3. Election

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Election is a 1999 film that will make you want to punch Reese Witherspoon in the face. She plays this know-it-all high schooler named Tracy Flick who runs for student council president, only to be sabotaged by one of her teachers. It’s one of those stories where the good guy is actually a bad guy. Regardless, you’ll side with him even though he’s wrong, solely because Tracy is just so goddamn annoying (and also kind of a slut). Additionally, it’s really inappropriate, which is unfortunate because I watched this for the first time with my dad.

4. Blackfish

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You’ve probably heard that Blackfish is SeaWorld’s worst enemy and Free Willy’s best friend. You might consider PETA for a second before a swift “Who am I kidding?” comes over you and sends you right back to your hamburger and shameless leather jacket. On a serious note, it’s an eye-opening documentary that shows footage of the cruel treatment that killer whales receive in captivity, oftentimes leading to the death of trainers. It will make you cry and hate the fact that you’re a human being, but you need to see it.

5. Vampire Diaries

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If you don’t watch Vampire Diaries, you’re missing out. The storyline is decent and the morals are ehh, but that’s not why we watch. The show is set in a town where literally ever single person is ridiculously gorgeous. The sixteen-year-olds look like Calvin Klein models, and I’m convinced that the male characters emerged from the womb already sporting six-packs. If Ian Sommerhalder’s “fuck me” grin isn’t enough to entice you, you’re probably a lesbian, which is okay, because Nina Dobrev is also an absolute dime.

6. Lovelace

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Amanda Seyfried is a goddess, so any movie starring her is worth watching. Lovelace is a story about a retired porn star who basically invented deep-throating (thanks a lot, you bitch). It will probably make you hate your boyfriend for watching porn, but you already hate him, so you might as well give it a shot. The story follows her abusive relationship, all while showcasing the worst fashion that the ’70s had to offer. James Franco also makes an appearance as a young Hugh Hefner, so there’s that.

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