Here Are A Whole Bunch Of Grooms’ Reactions To Seeing Their Brides Walk Down The Aisle

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You know that very mediocre Katherine Heigl movie (which one, amiright? Jk I love her) where she has 27 bridesmaids dresses because she’s “always a bridesmaid never a bride?” Yeah. The one you watch when you’re hungover and it’s on TV and you know there are no males within 500 feet of your residence? That movie changed my life. Not because it got a whopping 41 percent on Rotten Tomatoes or because James Marsden is in it. But because for the first time, my attention was brought to the groom. As James’ character says,

You know when the music starts and the bride makes her big entrance…and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom ‘Cause his face says it all.

And it’s true. The groom’s face is the gold. Most of us dream that the moment we walk down an expensive aisle, in an expensive venue, while wearing a (really freaking) expensive dress, our boyfriend-turned-fiancé will have an amazing reaction. Maybe you want him to cry (something you’ve never ever see him do). Maybe you want him to do one of those air punches or just look really freaking happy. No matter what it is, we’ll be disappointed if he does, well, nothing.

So a company called Dallas Wilson Wedding Films recently decided to put together a little video highlighting one of the best reactions in the world — the groom seeing his bride. The video, which was posted to Facebook on July 28, has since had over five million views. Grab some tissues, check it out, and feel so, so alone.

I’m done here.

[via Dallas Wilson Wedding Films / Facebook]

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