Hanson Creates Beer, Calls it MmmHops

Have you ever wanted a way to perfectly blend the tunes of a possibly gay boy band of the ‘90s with a cold one? Who hasn’t? Well, the wait is over. The brothers Hanson have once again put their (now shorter) blonde manes together to create a beer of their very own. Apparently their fame has plummeted even further than we’d thought — the brothers are now living in their home state of Oklahoma, where the IPA was crafted with the help of local brewers. That’s right, they left Oklahoma, and then moved back! Crazy, I know.

Being the most irrelevant boy band of their time, the boys once again capitalized on the only song most people can recognize as “Hanson” and named their beer MmmHops. I hated to love that jam, even back when I was collecting pogs in the lunchroom. MMMBop and the random sounds I made up because I never looked up the “lyrics” has been in my head on repeat for the first time since 1998. Nice move, Hanson.

The beer debuted at The Hangover III afterparty in Los Angeles on Monday, which was apparently “no accident” as the movie begins with Alan cruising to MMMBop. I just came back from that movie not more than an hour ago (you know, because my job is awesome and we get to go to the movies during work), and I can attest. It’s true. Alan really did listen to MMMBop. God, Hanson, you and your marketing. Keep it up and people might even start listening to your music again.

[via People]

Image via Beer Pulse


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