Guys Who Drink Beer Before Sex Are Better In Bed

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If you had to go home with a guy from the bar, you would think you would want to walk out the door with the guy drinking a scotch, neat. A scotch is sophisticated, simple, and sexy, in an old man kind of way. If you haven’t tried scotch, it tastes like the stuff they use to clean car engines. There’s something so hot about a guy slowly sipping on something so repulsive. Guys in suits drink scotch and guys in suits have jobs and probably a scruffy beard, ipso facto, you want to go home with a guy drinking a scotch.

It turns out if you want to have the best sex of your life, you should ditch the guy drinking scotch and opt for the dude guzzling down a beer instead. Seriously.

According to Los Angeles based sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk, beer “might actually help men get in the mood, perform better, and last longer in the sack.”

I guess they don’t call it “beer dick” for a reason.

According to Dr. Kirk, the natural phytoestrogens in beer can help stave off premature ejaculation, which is every girl’s worst nightmare.

She also said drinking Guinness can make your man less sluggish in bed, AKA he won’t make you stay on top the entire time, due to the effects of the stout’s vitamins and minerals.

If you want him to be a freak in the sheets that night, make sure he sticks to dark beers. They have higher iron levels than light beers, like Coors Light or Bud Light. Iron helps make more red blood cells, which in turns leads to greater blood circulation, which is what makes his penis do that amazing thing, and keeps it doing that thing all night long.

If there’s one beer this sexpert recommends for optimal sexy time, it’s 50 Shades of Green by Innis & Gunn. Why? Because the beer has loads of “ginseng, ginkgo biloba and damiana to achieve increased sexual desire, blood flow and nerve stimulation.”

I’m so down for all of those things to happen.

[via Elite Daily]

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