Guys Tell All: Dating Sorority Girls

Guys Tell All

Time for a little introspection, ladies. We’ve been digging into guys’ minds these past few weeks, and haven’t yet turned the question around on ourselves, which is weird, because making it about us is our favorite thing. What exactly is it like to date us? Are we as fab as we think we are? Is dating us better, worse, or about the same?

The only real pro to dating a sorority girl is you can go to their events and get a bottle out of it. Otherwise I have never really liked them more or less than any other girl I’ve met. Actually a huge con on their list is when a sorority girl drops what house she is in within 30 seconds of meeting her. Put the girl before the sorority, I don’t care what your letters are or even if you have them.

-Jake Goldman

Sorority girls have goals, standards, and accomplishments. They know how to be appropriate in social situations. They love to dress up and can turn any night into a theme party.


Well, they have no choice but to hang out with me at mixers.

D. Carter Ruff

It’s going to sound shallow, but there are perks. Date functions, formals, parties, attractive friend groups. You can only get these things with sorority girls. College is a time to have some fun and become “acquainted” with lots of new people. If you’re doing it anyways, you might as well get a little added benefit out of it.

-Joe Nullet

I have so much more in common with them than regular girls.

Dan Regester

They tend to be more social and put together. When you’re constantly surrounded by friends and sisters, it lends itself to setting higher standards for yourself and therefore following through on those standards. They also tend to put off a more successful/together vibe, which is a lot sexier to me than some girl whose life appears to be in shambles. Not saying that sorority girl’s lives aren’t in shambles, but…

-Will deFries

They’re easier to date, because our interests and lifestyles align. They seem to be the girls around me most often.

-Ross Bolen

At this point, they’re the only ones who aren’t baffled and/or horrified by what I do for a living. Also, c’mon. They’re hotter and more fun.

-Rob Fox

I knew we had that crazy sense of entitlement for a reason.

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Veronica Ruckh

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