Guys Like Stupid Girls


Once upon a time, guys liked dumb girls. At least, that’s what society thought. Women were told to be seen but not heard. To be pretty but not smart. To pop out babies instead of knowledge.

And guess what? That shit is apparently still all the rage. According to a new study done by the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and the University of Texas at Austin, guys don’t like smart women. Still. But worst than that. Guys think that they want to be with a smart woman.

Rolling your eyes yet? It gets better/worse. From

The researchers enlisted 105 men and read them a hypothetical scenario in which a woman either outperformed or underperformed them in a math or English course, and then instructed the men to imagine this woman as a romantic partner, Market Watch reports. Given this scenario, the men generally ranked the woman that bested them as the more desirable partner. “Men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves,” the study concluded.

Which sounds great! Guys are totally cool with a woman who knows how to do calculus and recite Shakespeare. Right? RIGHT? We want a smart guy who can teach us things and education our children. So it’s only natural that he wants the same! LOL. Like it would be that easy. Or wonderful. Or, uh, what’s the word? Equal? Nahhhh.

In the second part of the study, the men were given what appeared to be an intelligence test, and then told that they were about to meet a woman who had either scored better or worse than they had on the test. The men who were told they were about to meet a more intelligent woman “distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her,” the study said.

But why? Guys said that they wanted a smart lady. The report says that “feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women who outperformed them in the live interaction context.”

Yeah. Your high IQ makes him feel like less of a man. Hate everything yet? I want to say that there’s a happy ending to this, but uh. Theres’s not. This is just one of multiple studies done showing that guys feel worse when their girlfriends/wives are more successful than them. I want to act surprised, but I’m pretty sure we all knew this was coming. It’s the reason girls have acted dumb for generations. We can either be pissed off about it, or use it to our advantage. Just remember:



Some call it manipulation, I call it genius. That’s why our brains are so big. They’re full of plots, plans, and perfected goals. I’m not saying you have to play dumb to find love. That’s crazy and archaic and horrible advice. But you know the facts. Do with it what you may. And as for us, the ladies with the big brains, we’ll be fine. If all else fails and we don’t find love, I think we can use our intelligence to put some batteries in our vibrators and take our giant checks to the banks. Trust me, we’ve got this. There’s nothing quite like a genius in bimbo’s clothing who takes over the world.

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