Guys Like Brunettes More Than Blondes


I’ve been blonde most of my life. I was naturally blonde when I was younger, and once I was twelve I started highlighting the shit out of my hair. I went through two dark, “emo” phases (RIP) but ultimately I’ve always come back to the blonde life. Most women have been on a similar journey, but those of us who are blondes always come back because there’s just something special about being light-haired. Things look better on us, people pay more attention to us, and guys like us better. Right? RIGHT?!

Turns out it was all a lie, as much of life is. According to Elite Daily, the debate about blondes or brunettes is officially over, and us light-haired ladies lost. A dating website called What’s Your Price surveyed close to 175,000 men to see what qualities they value most in a lady. And sure, the site is basically a place where men can “buy” dates but whatever. I’m not here to debate what is or is not classified as prostitution. I’m here to tell you how, exactly, to change your physical attributes to make guys like you.

From Elite Daily:

The inadvertent survey of around 175,000 men revealed most guys value a woman with brown hair, brown eyes and a hot bod. This was measured by how much more users were willing to pay to go on first dates with ladies with these attributes than the average WhatsYourPrice offer of $120.

The highest-valued physical characteristics showed “the perfect woman” has dark brown hair ($137.47), brown eyes ($133.09) and an athletic body type ($133.90).

The non-physical qualities the men valued most were non­smoker ($129.61), social drinker ($128.20), possession of a graduate degree ($138.27) and childless ($129.94).

It looks like blondes have officially been dethroned by brunettes. But honestly? Who cares? It’s not like we’re trying to impress them or anything. We should just live however the hell we want to live, and they should love us no matter what color our hair is. Like that’ll stop us from complaining about being single on Valentine’s day, whining about being alone, or giving up on ever finding love. I mean, it’s not like we get cute for guys! That’s insane. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to grab a box of brown hair dye and apply to grad schools ASAP.

[via Elitedaily, What’s Your Price]

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