Guys Lie About Their Numbers *Way* More Than Girls Do


There are a few defining moments in a relationship. Your first time going “all the way” (as the Judy Bloom novels we used to read would call it). The first sleepover. And the first time you have a talk about your pasts. Some people steer clear of this conversation forever, some people can’t move forward until they know every. little. detail about their SO’s past. But whether you decided to know a lot or a little about what, and who, your person has gotten into before, just know one thing:

He’s probably lying.

A recent study done by Online Doctor shows that when it comes to the “what’s your past like” conversation, there’s a whole lot that is, and isn’t, being said. They asked over 2,000 people their thoughts about sex, relationships, and ~numbers~ and the answers are oh-so-depressing. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Lying About The Number Of People They’ve Been With

Who Lies More
While most people say that they tell the truth (I feel like some of them are lying about that too), the trend is that guys tend to increase their number and girls tend to decrease theirs. If that doesn’t make you feel like society is a flaming garbage can, I don’t know what will.

Thoughts On Partner’s Number

Keep it in the 7s and you should be golden. Or lie. That seems to work too.

When Should You Have ~The Talk~

If you don’t do it early on, you should probably just never do it.

Would They Leave If They Didn’t Like Their Partner’s Past?


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.24.19 PM
For the most part, someone should love you no matter what. But they’re more likely to love you if your number is low. Isn’t life grand?

Now I’m not saying you should lie, or even have the numbers talk (trust me, it’s not a good idea). But if you *do* just say your number is seven. Whether it’s a lie or not, science says that’s what he wants to hear. Asshole.

[via Online Doctor]

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