Guys Find Out That They’re Going To Be First Time Dads And It’s Absolutely Everything (Video)

First time dads

When I think about how to tell my future baby daddy that I’m with child, it’s usually a pretty terrifying visual. It tends to involve a paternity test, a lot of tears, and a guest appearance from Murray. But that’s just me. Surprisingly (or not, depending on how slutty you are) for some people, it isn’t like that. Lots of people meet someone they really like and decide to spend their lives with each other. They watch a Netflix original series together, get engaged, plan an awesome wedding, freak TFO when the florist messes up, and vow to stay married until death (or a hot yoga instructor) do them part.

Then, finally, they decide to have babies.

When it comes to “big” moments, we usually concentrate on the women’s side of the events. The proposal, the dress, the baby announcement, the gender reveal. But when I came across a video of men finding out that they were going to be daddies, I was intrigued. Will they cry? Run away? Swear that it isn’t theirs? What would they do? Maybe it’s thanks to my constant fear that I’m pregnant, or it could be because men instantly become more perfect when they hold a baby. Either way, I had to see how these guys reacted to learning that their lives were about to change forever.

UGH. It’s even more adorable than we could have hoped. There’s nothing I love more than a man getting excited about saying goodbye to his social life. Welcome to the adult world, future daddies. I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Probably.

Image via Youtube / dovemencareus

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