Guys Don’t Want To Use Condoms If You’re Hot


When you’re getting ready to get weird, there are a few steps you always take. Shave everything below the eyes. Shower about ten times. Shove some car air fresheners up your vagina and make sure he has condoms. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. You forget to trim the hedges. You haven’t showered since yesterday. Morning. And the condoms? Yeah well, things escalated a little too quickly, if you know what I mean.

And while the first two are your fault (come on, you can clean yourself just a *little* bit more) the last one, might not be as much.

According to a new study by BMJ Open, guys are less likely to suggest using a condom if the girl is hot. Or they’re less likely to want to use a condom. While the study was super small (only like 50 guys), this goes hand in hand with some other studies proving just how nasty guys are. And the tentative consensus is that the male species is less likely to pull out a penis bag and worry about STDs if the girl is a babe.

So I guess we can look at this a few ways. We can be twistedly offended if guys are always ready to use a condom (I said it was messed up, okay. But also, what? Am I ugly?). We can be weirdly flattered if they don’t want to (again, totally messed up. But like, #humblebrag). And we can now make sure to stock up on condoms because odds are he’s going to try to not wear one.

So if you’re a hot girl (and shut up, you are), be on the lookout. Sure, he might say all the right things and know exactly what buttons to push, but if your contour is perfect and your ass is looking fine, be sure to bring your own Trojans. Sure he’ll hug you in the night, but will he still be there when you have to go get an STD test in the morning?

[via Elite Daily, BMJ Open]

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