Guys Actually Think That The “Natural Look” Is Ugly


There are a lot of little lies that I enjoy. You know, things like “Oh my gosh! Your hair looks great” after you get a horrendous, banged-chop. Or how about the “Shut up. You totally don’t look fat” even though you’ve gained twenty pounds in the past semester. Like literally, twenty pounds.

But my favorite little bullshit lie is the classic “I like the ‘natural’ look” that all guys utter. Sure, they think they like the natural look. And yes, they like when it only takes you thirty minutes to get ready instead of the usual two hours. But let’s be honest, do guys really like the natural look, or do they just think that they do?

One Youtuber, known as maicangirl, wanted to see once and for all which look guys like more. “Natural” or literally natural. In her video, she takes three selfies and posts them to Tinder. First without being retouched, and then edited using a photoshop-like app.

And the results? Depressingly unsurprising. It turns out guys like their idea of natural. The natural that is achieved by waking up twenty minutes early, sneaking into the bathroom, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, tossing on some foundation, bronzer, mascara, and lip gloss, and then sneaking back into bed to pull the “Oh hi, I just woke up, stop I look so gross” routine.

No matter how much they swear up and down that they like the “real” us, it looks like it’s a total lie. Do with that information what you will. As for me, I think I’ll stick with waking up looking like a hot mess, and walking around like a makeup-less zombie at least five days a week. It’s best to keep the bar low, you know? That way, when you actually pull yourself together, you’ll look like a goddess, and all you did was throw on some eyeliner.

Let me put it this way, it’s the same as when we say he’s the best we’ve ever had. Is it true? No. But it’ll stop a lot of fights and will ensure that he never actually tells you that he thinks you look gross in the morning. Win-win.

[via Elite Daily]

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