Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend In A Walmart, Shoplifts A Bunch Of Sex Toys To Celebrate


When I think about that beautiful, long-awaited (because I’ll be on social security before it happens) day that the love of my life asks me to spend the rest of what’s left of our lives together, I get butterflies in my stomach. I picture him sitting down (he probably has bad knees at this point in life) in front of a giant crowd of family and friends who erupt into applause when I finally say “yes.” It will be the most spectacular moment of my life.

For another much younger couple in Bay City, Michigan, their spectacular moment took place in a Walmart. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

In what could be hailed as possibly the most romantic and intimate proposal of all time, twenty five year old William Cornelius proposed to his twenty year old girlfriend, Sheri Moore over the loud speaker at a Walmart. Hey, if he’s going to propose at a Walmart, at least he did it big. He didn’t just take a knee in the tampon aisle. This guy is a real romantic.

Store cameras caught the whole thing on tape, which is not exactly how I would want my proposal documented, but it’s the thought that counts. You can see the couple embracing while other Walmart shoppers applaud at the sight of this beautiful union.

William purchased a ring at the jewelry counter and the newly engaged couple went on their merry way. Instead of going home or to a neighborhood Applebee’s to celebrate their engagement, the couple decided to pick up some sex toys instead. Not exactly my way of celebrating, but I can dig it.

The couple made their way to Spencer’s, but I guess if you get engaged at a Walmart, you don’t exactly have money to blow on sex toys. In what I can only assume was an effort to show his love and dedication to his future wife’s sexual satisfaction, William shoplifted more than $80 worth of sex toys. He picked up a vibrator, an edible thong, and something called “BJ Blast” oral sex candy, which sounds very intriguing.

William and Sheri were picked up by the police at the food court, where William had fallen asleep at the table trying to tie his shoe. They were both arrested, as Sheri had apparently shoplifted some jewelry from the Walmart.

Isn’t true love beautiful?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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