Guy Proposes To All The Princesses At Disney; Makes Girls Everywhere Die Of Jealousy

There are about three things every sorority girl dreams of:

1. Being a princess.
2. Getting engaged.
3. Going to Disney World.

A man named Blaine Gibson made a lot of dreams come true.

Yesterday, a stream of photos was posted to the Interwebs showing a handsome guy getting down on one knee to propose to a lot of lucky princesses at Disney.

As if these girls aren’t the luckiest people in the world already–I mean, their job is to be royalty at the the happiest place on Earth. Then this guy asked them to be his wife. AKA, the actual dream of every sorority girl, ever.

As a homegrown Floridian, I have seen a lot of stuff happen at Disney: proposals (real and fake), breakups, and even a very crude act that happened in the Haunted Mansion (I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with shlow shob). Hell, the first time I saw the guy dressed up as Jack Sparrow at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, I screamed, chased him across the park, and had him kiss my hand…which I didn’t wash for a while after that. So, like, weird shit happens. People go crazy as soon as the Mickey ears come into focus.

But of everything I’ve witnessed, I have never seen a guy propose to a Disney princess UNTIL NOW.

For your pleasure, I included mental descriptions of each proposal, so you really feel like you’re there, surrounded by the magic. You know, instead of sitting in your cubical, counting down the hours until recruitment is over, or just feeling sad because you aren’t a princess. And you aren’t being proposed to. And you aren’t at Disney.

From Imgur

“I can’t believe someone is FIN-ally asking me (buh dum chh) especially because I’m obviously the sluttiest princess in the land. But, like, that’s totally not why I smell like fish down there.”

“I’m slightly flattered and slightly disturbed that a guy in a tank would think I would accept his proposal. At least we match–I wonder if while he’s down there, he’ll Windex my glass slippers?”

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me. How did he even get in here? I’d only let my hair down for him after tequila shots.”

Jasmine and Aladdin
Jasmine: “Oh, my God. What is he doing here? I told him not to visit me here. Shit. Deny! Deny everything and it’ll be fine. Shit.”
Aladdin: “What the fuck, Jasmine?”

“Me? He picked me? Not that Wendy bitch? I knew I made the right choice by ditching that man-child Peter and waiting for a real man in a tank and jorts.”

Tinkerbelle 2
“Eat your heart out, bitches. I’m posting this EVERYWHERE. #Engaged”

“This guy.”

But, like, if it doesn’t work out with Tink, I can be your princess, Blaine.

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Rachel Varina

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