Guy Jumps From One Roof To Another To Impress His Date, Falls And Gets Stuck Instead

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Dating can be so awkward. First, you have to look amazing. Then you have to maintain a sparkling conversation all while not making it apparent how friggin’ weird you are. And THEN, you have to call the ambulance when your date tries to jump from one roof to another and ends up getting hopelessly wedged in between to walls. Wait, what?

A Pittsburgh man thought he could impress his date by jumping from the roof of one building to the roof of the next, because PARKOUR! It didn’t work, however, as he failed to make the distance and ended up wedged between the two buildings. To make matters worse, he wasn’t even stuck on the ground, but stuck in air, levitated like a big floating failure of a man. It took firemen and EMS a solid four hours to get him free, and they had to break down a wall of a Qdoba to make that happen. I can’t make this shit up.

But really, did he get the girl?

[via Elite Daily]

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