Guy Gives His Ex The Best Breakup Revenge Ever, Cuts Everything They Bought Together In Half


Carrie Bradshaw said that it takes half of the total time you went out with someone to get over them, but I think a man under the username Der Juli found a quicker way. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, Laura, of over twelve years. Over the course of their relationship the two shared countless memories, among other things. Once they broke up, he thought she deserved half of the things they bought when they were together. Literally. Half of everything.

The video above is in German, but it opens with “Thanks Laura for the ‘wonderful’ 12 years!!!!!!!! You really deserve the half ;-]” It then goes on to show him cutting literally everything they ever bought together in half. EVEN A CAR. That’s dedication. I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. Take a look at everything








Once he gives Laura her half, he’s left with half of a bike, half of a laptop, half of a couch, TV, and even half of two different phones. What is a guy supposed to do with just half of a lot of things? Sell them on eBay, obviously. So if you’re in the market for half of a TV, half of a bed, half of a motorcycle helmet, and a lot of other random items, check out Der Juli’s eBay and bid on a few items. You’ll get ’em cheap because, you know, they’re useless.

Der Juli’s final message to Laura in the video is “Best regards to my ‘successor’!!!!!!” because he’s definitely not bitter at all. He’s over it. He’s keeping very busy, chopping everything he owns in half, so he doesn’t even have time to think about Laura. And now that everything they owned together is cut in half, there’s really nothing to remind him of her anymore. I think Der Juli is onto something, here.

[via Buzzfeed]

Images via Youtube and eBay

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