Guy Fights Off Home Intruders With His Bong, Ends Up With Drug Charges

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An Ontario man was chilling in his house this past Tuesday afternoon when two masked intruders broke into his home and attempted to rob him. They left empty-handed, however, as the dude was within arms reach of a bong and was able to fight off the burglars by wielding his piece at them. Think Bamm-Bamm from the Flinstones, but all grown up with a knack for illicit substances.

The police followed a trail of blood to try to find the suspects, which tells me that this guy must’ve got some pretty good swings in before they decided to retreat. Officers quickly lost the trail and returned to the home to inquire about the weapon, eventually seizing a huge bag of pot as a final “fuck you” to the homeowner.

It’s not often that police are likely to lay charges against a citizen whose house was broken into. Leave it to Canada to change that. I think it’s kind of a slap in the face that the since the thieves weren’t able to take anything, the police took it upon themselves to finish the job. At least the invaders wouldn’t have had the ability to put drug charges on the poor dude’s record.

Let’s all send some positive vibes up north. He’s going to need them, with charges pending and no reefer to ease the pain.

[via CTV News]

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