Guess What? Your Boyfriend Might Actually Not Be A Total A-Hole


Having a boyfriend is great. To all of the girls who are like “being single is the best,” LOL, no. You’re wrong. Being in a relationships allows you to order multiple dishes at Chinese places, not feel bad about staying in because hello? It’s called a movie night, and you get experience the joy of trusting someone totally and completely.

Well, sort of.

Sure, we trust our boyfriends. And yes, for the most part we know that they love us and would never cheat on us, hurt us, or shatter our hearts into a million tiny, painful pieces. We know. But still. In the back of our minds we all wonder: “What if?” What if a super hot girl came up to your man and asked him to have sex with her. What would your boyfriend do? Would he decline, or would he throw everything aside to have a no-strings bang with a random hottie? The thought alone is enough to turn even the most confident girl into a needy mess.

It’s terrifying.

And yet, a girl who goes by “Andrea” decided to make our biggest fear a reality. She wanted to do a social experiment: Ask 100 guys to have sex with her. Is your heart sinking yet? Now these 100 men ranged from college-age, to super old, from super hot to super not. And quite a few of them were in relationships. AKA, it’s our actual worst nightmare.

And the results? It turns out A LOT of guys said no. And did you see her? She’s a total babe. The best part is, tons of super hot guys, who you’d totally think would be d-bags, politely turned her down because they had girlfriends. I don’t know what happened to the men in this world, but honestly? I like it. I guess it’s time to give them the benefit of the doubt, and accept the fact that they might actually be decent human beings. Maybe.

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Rachel Varina

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