GOP Candidate Stewart Mills Likes To Party; Bongs Beers, Dresses Like Brett Michaels (Photos)

Stewart Mills, a 2014 GOP Congressional candidate from Minnesota, likes to party, and for whatever reason, the Dems think this is newsworthy. Mills, the Vice President of Mills Fleet Farm, a retail chain store in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, has a good chance of beating incumbent, Rick Nolan, for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District next November.

A seemingly good guy and family man, Mills is well-liked in his community and has already doubled Nolan’s fundraising numbers for an election a calendar year away. Likely realizing a threat to their seat, Democrats scoured Mills’ Facebook page and leaked his private photos to Minnesota political blogs. Thanks to a photo of him doing a beer bong in someone’s kitchen and another of him dressed up as Brett Michaels, he’s now being deemed a partier and an unfit political candidate.




I’m sorry, what? Democrats have nominated candidates who have admitted to snorting coke, candidates who have admitted to cheating on their wives, candidates who have admitted to sleeping with hookers, and a candidate who, quite literally, murdered his intern. So how is it that a Republican candidate who drank beer out of a plastic funnel in the privacy of someone’s home is now the bad guy? How is he the unfit candidate? He’s not. It’s petty. And no one cares.

We now live in an age of social media, where literally everything is documented and there are no secrets. If the worst this guy has on him is that he listens to questionable ’80s music and enjoys a fun photo op, then I think he’s pretty harmless. Either the Democrats need to hire better opposition research, or this guy really is about as clean as they come. He’s a family man who likes to drink. Sounds like a good candidate to me.

[via City Pages Blogs ]


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Catie Warren

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