Good News: You Can Now Hire A Wingwoman To Help You Pick Up Hot Guys

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Do you have any friends who are exceptionally good wingwomen? You know, that friend who will keep the ugly dude occupied so you can flirt with his hot friend? The one who will let you approach the cute guy you are both eyeing because she’s just that generous?

Well, good news. If you don’t have one of these amazing friends, you can hire a wingwoman to perform these sisterly duties. A service called–you guessed it–Hire A WingWoman now allows you to rent a friend to help you pick up dudes. According to the company’s website, this hired friend can serve many purposes, including:

  • Putting you in the spotlight
  • Distracting his friend while you talk to a guy
  • Practicing body language with you
  • Developing conversation skills so you can keep his interest
  • AND the company promises, at the very least, “We won’t be that friend who likes the same guy you do!” Here’s how it works. Once you decide to hire a wingwoman, the service will ask you a series of questions about who you are looking to meet, where you are looking to meet them, and so on. Then you will get matched with a wingwoman appropriate for your situation. The company texts you what your wingwoman is wearing and where to meet her, and then off you go on an “amazing time meeting people because your WingWoman will do all the hard work for you (introductions, breaking the ice, etc.) with anyone you want to meet!”

    So, next time you want to head to the bar to meet a hot dude and all your friends are busy, at least there’s another option–you can always just hire someone.

    Via Hire A WingWoman

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