Good News: My Crush Likes Me Back, Almost As Much As His Girlfriend

Good News: My Crush Likes Me Back, Almost As Much As His Girlfriend

I’m on top of the world today. The guy I like said that he likes me back. The planets have aligned and the sun is shining down on us, accentuating his beautiful blonde hair and baby blues. It’s like I’m back in middle school again and I got passed a note in lunch (except that didn’t happen to me in middle school). I’ve had a crush on this guy from afar literally FOREVER. It was a movie moment. I walked by him on my way to class, and then later that day he was in the same lab as I was. I was too nervous to ask him to be in my group. But a mutual friend introduced us, and after texting for a few months, he just admitted to me that he has feelings for me too. Which is so amazing. He likes me so much that he’s willing the risk his two-year relationship with his girlfriend just to text me.

I never thought this day would come. I feel like my whole life, I have been chasing guys who don’t want me. But finally, my feelings are being reciprocated. The one small snag is that he’s been in a committed relationship since before Kylie had two moms. At first, I kind of felt bad about it. But not for long. I mean, I don’t know her name, her hometown, her sign, all of which I could find out in a matter of minutes. But as far as I’m concerned she’s just a figment of his imagination and excuse not to hop on this ass as soon as he can. He’s taking it slow like a GENTLEMAN.

What’s my game plan you ask? I don’t have one. There is no part of me that is trying to break up their relationship. In fact, I hope they stay together. This is best case scenario for me. She has to deal with listening him talk about sports and traffic or whatever, and I just get a bunch of attention. We don’t even have to hang out. He just has to tell me how badly he wants to hang out with me. That’s plenty to quench my incessant thirst for attention. Plus, then I have all this free time to do whatever I want. Like hang out with a different guy.

I’m just so happy. It seems like nothing could go wrong. It really doesn’t bother me that he has to block me on Snapchat whenever he’s with her and I can’t talk to him for more than 30 seconds when we’re out in public and feeling like I have to keep looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is watching and knowing that I’ll never be more than just a ego-boosting text message. It makes me feel powerful, you know? Like, this girl gets to have this perfect guy with whom I am obsessed, but he probably thinks about me when he jerks off sometimes. So, when you think about it, who’s the real winner here? Shit, it’s him isn’t it. Yeah, it’s him. Damn it.

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