Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Thinks She’s Choking On A Penis

Girl Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal surgery truly brings out the best in people. There was this girl who got her wisdom teeth out and proceeded to cry about Justin Bieber, this girl who hilariously failed at doing the Ice Bucket challenge, and my personal favorite, the girl who thought she was Kylie Jenner.

None of those even remotely compare to the video you’re about to see. This girl just had her teeth pulled and is still flying high on pain meds as her mother tries to get in the car and take her home. Watch what happens next.

This girl goes from “choking on a big, fat, black dick” to chanting “BBC! Big black cock!” and I swear I can feel her mother’s embarrassment from here. After the girl realizes that she isn’t, in fact, choking on a penis, she then proceeds to get very angry at her mom, who is now desperately trying to get her daughter in the car and avoid another cock-related outburst. Homegirl is not having it. She’s not ready to go home yet, the show’s just getting started.

She tries to roll away from her mother and threatens to call 911 on the “crazy lady,” but her mom eventually wrangles her into getting in the car. One of her friends tells her she’s gonna come see her tomorrow, and from the look on the girl’s face, you would’ve thought her friend just told her she was giving her one of her kidneys.

Mom, again, interrupts this sweet moment by trying to get her daughter in the car, at which point the girl snarls, “You’re touching my tit!” Just as mom thought she was in the clear, sirens can be heard in the distance. The girl tries to get the attention of the emergency vehicles by screaming and saying “Help me! My mom’s hurting me!”

The video cuts off right after that, but the damage was already done. This video is one minute and forty-five seconds of pure entertainment that will live on to embarrass her mother for the rest of time. God, I love the internet.

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