Girl Tries To Shame Her Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, He Exposes Her Biggest Secret As Revenge

Girl Tries To Shame Her Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, He Turns The Tables On Her

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I live for Facebook revenge. It’s probably the sole reason why I still have Facebook, because I know at any moment, one of the crazies from my high school will overshare some aspect of his or her life and even though I haven’t talked to them in years, it’s better gossip than anything on the E! Network.

This is one of the greatest Facebook revenge statuses I’ve ever seen. The girl, Patricia, tries to humiliate her “boyfriend” by posting a picture she must’ve gotten her hands on somehow of him cheating. Her boyfriend isn’t just going to sit there and take it. He fires back, and it gets bad. Or good.





Delete your Facebook, Patricia. There’s no way you can come back from this. You should’ve thought this out before you posted that incriminating picture. Now your ex just burned you AND he already has a new girl. Props to Peter for not letting Patricia drag his name through the mud. I hope you and that girl whose ass you’re grabbing are very happy together.

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