Girl Sends Pretty Rapey Texts To A Guy When He Denies Her Sex After Date

Rapey Texts

Ladies, we see all the time in the media sexually aggressive texts from men who feel like they are owed sex after a date. They’ll drop weird lines about how they spent so much money on the woman in question, and the least she could do is bang him. But time is money, people, and this absolute psycho thinks the time she spent getting ready for a date means the man she went out with owed her sex. Observe these super rapey texts sent from a woman:

Text 1

Text 2

Text 3

And here I thought the “I spent two hours getting ready” argument was the reason we say guys still have to pay for our dates! (Because if my hour is worth $20 and I spent two hours getting ready, you owe me at least $40 on my meal to pay me back. Duh.) But apparently, it’s now become an excuse to be a terrible person. Yikes.

[via Coed]

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