Girl Gets Revenge On Tinder Creeps By Depicting Them With Tiny Penises

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You’ve known guys were gross since you caught cooties on the playground. Unfortunately, you didn’t know exactly how disgusting the male species could be until the invention of Tinder. We grew up watching Disney movies, but on Tinder we’re propositioned by frogs, and a kiss would just send us to the clinic instead of producing a prince. It’s a tale as old as (Tinder) time–you swipe right only to receive a message you have to Urban Dictionary to understand. Luckily, one brave woman, Anna Gensler, managed to out-troll the ultimate Tinder trolls.

Gensler started using Tinder and immediately realized what the rest of us already know–it’s a hotbed of weirdos galore. When she started getting greetings like, “Your boobs are nicer than my mom’s,” she turned the tables on the men of Tinder and drew them naked…with teeny peens. The results are hysterical, and it’s the perfect revenge on behalf of the women of Tinder (and the world). She drew the men exactly how they looked in their Tinder profiles, only naked and sad. She even made an OkCupid profile to really explore the dregs of online dating, including a disclaimer that she would draw anyone who messaged her something nauseating naked. It didn’t deter the men of the Internet, proving that if you have two legs and a Pikachu, you will get hit on aggressively online.

The NSFW images below will either gross you out, encourage you to take art classes, or both.

Anna Gensler is an American hero. I once convinced a Tinder troll who kept trying to send me nudies (hard pass–if I was interested in a rando peen I feel sure I could drum one up) that I was a 400 pound man named Lamar who lived with his mother, but that doesn’t even come close to her Tinder triumph. Before you delete the app, keep in mind that I know a couple who met on Tinder, got married, and had their first dance as man and wife to a saxophone solo of “Summertime Sadness,” proving dreams really do come true.

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