Girl Gets Engaged As Cinderella, Has No Idea How Many Group Chats She’s In RN

Girl Gets Engaged As Cinderella, Has No Idea How Many Group Chats She's In RN

When we were little girls, we watched Disney movies and dreamed of being the princess who got swept off her feet by a handsome prince. As we grew up, however, things started to change when we realized that if the John Smith had a cell phone, he probably wouldn’t have called Pocahontas when he said he would, and that Ariel’s hair goals were straight-up lies. In short, we grew up, which is fine, because honestly I’d rather have my own job and self-worth than spend my life waiting to be rescued by a prince who could literally be fooled into thinking another girl was his betrothed by a freaking necklace (seriously, Eric, come on). While most of us evolved our ideas of love over the years, this clearly isn’t the case for everyone, as exhibited by this couple who got engaged at Disneyland as Cinderella and Prince Charming, glass slipper and all.

Chris Cole had been dating girlfriend Courtney since 2011, when he finally made the decision to pop the question and get Courtney the ever-desired ring by spring. He didn’t take her to a fancy restaurant or a special spot from their relationship, though – Chris decided their proposal should more closely resemble a literal fairy tale, so for the couple’s upcoming trip to Disneyland, he instructed Courtney to dress in full-blown Cinderella attire. Chris, arriving dressed as Prince Charming himself, proposed to Courtney, glass slipper and all.

While this may be a dream come true for Courtney, this more accurately resembles a literal nightmare for me. Just take a moment and imagine having to explain this story to everyone you know. “Yeah, I was in the same costume as a bunch of screaming five-year-olds, when I was expected to believe that my boyfriend would be sexually attracted to me for the next 60 years.” Honey, no. If you’re dressed like small children and reenacting a cartoon for what’s supposed to be a mature, adult promise to spend the rest of your lives together, care for each other in your old age, and provide financial support to each other forever and always, I’m going to go ahead and say that you’re likely not mature enough to make the decision to tie the knot yet. Personally, I would rather get engaged doing a scavenger hunt surrounded by flash mobs in the middle of a baseball field on game day, but then again, I grew out of my Disney fascination once I realized I didn’t always need a man to come chasing after me and that I could get out of sticky situations all on my own. Anyway, best wishes to Chris and Courtney, and here’s hoping that the rest of your marriage is significantly more adult than your proposal was.

[via Daily Mail]

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