Girl Creates Foolproof Method To Get Over Your Ex Using Beyoncé


When Cassandra and her boyfriend broke up, she didn’t drown herself in wine, overdose on Taylor Swift, or even devour ice cream. No, she turned to Queen Bey and did just what Beyoncé herself would have done instead: told him to move to the left, to the left. Okay, maybe she didn’t say those exact words, but what she did do is even better.

Rather than ripping, shredding, or burning old pictures of her ex, she decided to replace these tarnished memories by covering her bae with Bey, and it’s probably the best thing ever. She created a Tumblr page full of these photos, and it may or may not be my new homepage. Cassandra, I hope your ex is embarrassed beyond belief, as he should be. We all wish we thought of this first–so much, in fact, that here at TSM, we decided to make an ode to Cassandra and give all our exes a #beyoncifymyboyfriend makeover.





You can see the all the glory at beyoncifymyboyfriend.

Or, personally thank Cassandra on her Twitter for revolutionizing breakups forever.

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Rachel Page

Rachel enjoys spending her time thinking about Britney Spears, whining about being single, and thinking about Britney Spears. She doesn't take to criticism well, so be nice or so she will cry herself to sleep! Email:

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