Getting Sex Toys Is About To Become A LOT Easier, And Much More Fun

Sex toys

Sex toys are great. They make you feel good, rebellious, and are the perfect amount of slutty and scandalous. The only problem is that you have to get them. Which is awkward. What? Are you going to waltz into a sex shop and ask the girl at the front what the best dildo for “couple play” is? Or will you order something from a super sketchy site online and wait weeks to receive a broken vibrator? Uh, no thanks.

It’s a hard (LOL) world for people who want to spice up their sex lives. Finally, though, someone decided to change that. Enter The Pink Box.

The Pink Box is, quite literally, a sex toy vending machine. Like, actually.

Two Philadelphia natives, Vaughn Sandman and Dean Kitagawa, are opening the first “sex shop” of this kind, and life just got much better.

From The Pink Box:

PinkBox believes you shouldn’t have to order toys off the internet to get a great price, and wait 5-7 days for them to arrive. Our machines have everything you need for a fantastic night, RIGHT NOW, alone or with a partner. From condoms and lube, to vibrators of all shapes and sizes–even restraints–we’ve got the right product to help your customer enhance their evening into morning.

PinkBox believes that sex should be exciting, fun, and safe. As consenting adults, there is no wrong or bad way to enjoy yourself or each other. We want to help our shared customers to enjoy their evening at your establishment and beyond. We love knowing that our products bring joy to our customers. Your profits, and patron gratification is our gratification.

Sex is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all do it (when we can) and we all think about it (the rest of the time). PinkBox is proud to be in the business of helping our customers explore and enjoy their individual sexuality. We believe providing good sex enhancements–and an open, positive approach to sexuality–makes the world and your business a better place.

It will be the first sex toy vending machine in North America, and I have a feeling that it just might change the sex world. Plus, according to the site, “In keeping with our mission, a portion of all our profits go toward supporting the effort for marriage equality.” Great sex AND marriage for everyone? UGH. Just take all of my money and sexual insecurities and take them now!

All I have to say is please put this machine in our local bars to make our lazy, drunken, “what’s your name again?” sex a whole lot more exciting. PLEASE.

[via GPhilly, The Pink Box]

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