Getting Free Starbucks Drinks Just Got Easier


Starbucks coffee is to sorority women what water is to people who regularly exercise. It wakes us up, fuels us and keeps us going.

One of the best parts of Starbucks is their rewards program. I won’t even bother explaining it, because what the fuck are you doing with your life if you aren’t a member? It’s fucking amazing. Get on it.

The only downside to it is that the reward is based on the number of transactions, not items bought. If you decide you want something like a muffin with your usual non-fat soy latte, it doesn’t get you any closer to a free reward.

That is, until, now.

Beginning in April, Starbucks is amending their rewards program so that instead of being rewarded per transaction, you’ll receive two stars for every dollar spent. Unfortunately, that also means that they are changing the amount of stars needed to score yourself a free drink. Instead of needing 12 stars, you’ll have to acquire 125 stars.

That may seem like a massive change, but if you’re like me, you’re spending at least five dollars every single time you visit, so in the end, you’ll spend about the same amount of money. Starbucks will also start offering Double Star Days, where you’ll earn four stars per dollar spent, so you’ll get to your free drinks even faster.

And if you’re just under or over a dollar? Don’t worry, because the change on a transaction will now be counted toward partial stars.

So feel free to add that extra pump of caramel or shot of espresso to your drink, because after all, every penny counts toward a free drink.

[via Starbucks]

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