Get Paid For Your Hobby: Netflix Is Now Hiring Binge Watchers

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“Wow, I wish I could get paid to do this all day,” said every lazy, hungover person while watching Netflix. Well, your dream has come true. Netflix is currently hiring a “tagger,” which is a person who will watch flicks and then describe them using tags. This lucky individual will help Netflix figure out what to recommend to other potential viewers. Netflix has around 50 million members, so of course they need help figuring out what to tell them to watch.

Best of all, you can work from the comfort of your own home, bed, or wherever you spend your hungover days. According to Netflix, “the role will offer flexible hours working form home and would suit those with a passion for films and TV programmes.” Well, I don’t have a passion for films, but I do have a passion for watching Netflix while eating fast food at an incredible rate.

This is an interesting job, and I personally have a lot of questions. What about expenses? No one can watch Netflix without a steady flow of junk food, so will this person get reimbursed? What happens when I want to watch the same five Disney movies on repeat? What about a slow Internet connection, the problem of almost every single one of those 50 million members?

The idea of this job is really incredible, because a lot of people really do branch out their Netflix choices based upon these “recommendations.” Ever clicked on one of the other 75 children’s shows that are recommended for you? Or the other recommended TV shows that you’ve already seen a hundred times anyway? Hey, at least they’re consistent with your interests.

I hope whoever lands this gig really appreciates that he or she is getting paid to do what most of us do for 22 hours a day anyway. If you want to apply, here’s the link!

[via Business Insider]

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