Genius Woman Dumps Her Cheating Husband Using A Giant Billboard

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Remember in “Sex And The City” when Berger dumped Carrie with a Post-It? It was awful. Probably one of the worst ways to break up with someone. A woman from Sheffield, U.K. did the same thing to dump her cheating husband, except she used a really, really big Post-It. She broke up with her man using a billboard.

The woman, only identified as Lisa, bought the use of the billboard for three hours during morning rush hour (presumably during her cheating husband’s commute to work) and it cost her “hundreds of pounds,” according to the billboard’s owners. Lisa obviously thought long and hard about how to dump Paul, so it’s safe to say she thinks it’s worth it. Besides, you can’t put a price on public shaming.

Maybe Lisa went too far. Maybe, just maybe, she should’ve been the bigger person and just served Paul with divorce papers and got the hell out. Is it petty to pay a good amount of money to publicly embarrass and dump your husband? Yes. But maybe if Paul hadn’t been such a coward and just told his wife he was unhappy in the marriage, Lisa wouldn’t have the vengeful desire to rent a billboard and expose the cheating bastard.

I hope this serves as a reminder to guys everywhere: don’t mess with crazy.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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